• Have you been with your existing lender for more than 2 years?

  • Are you stuck with a standard variable rate deal?

  • Has your property increased in value?

  • Are you looking to carry out some home improvements?

  • Would you like to consolidate your finances?

These days, people often switch energy suppliers, credit card companies and car insurance providers so why not consider switching your mortgage lender too?

A survey by GoCompare found that whilst over 70% people found switching energy suppliers or insurance providers pretty easy, switching mortgages didn’t fare quite so well with a third of consumers feeling that the process took too long and over a quarter found the process too complicated.

Here at Westfield Wealth, we can put you in touch with a specialist firm of Independent Financial Advisers who will carry out a review of your circumstances to see if you could save money on your monthly payment or even reduce the remaining term of your mortgage by moving to a new lender.

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